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Intelligent Vision has proven themselves in the market place for providing Machine Vision solutions for various customers. Here is a snapshot of satisfied customers using our systems:

Lion Nathan - Toohey's
Simple vision system achieves 100% fault detection rate on high-speed bottle crowning line. Integrating a user-friendly vision system into a multiple-product bottle crowning line provides a simple solution to fault detecting for leading Australian brewery.

SC Johnson
Winning new business is all about keeping your competitive technology edge – providing effective solutions, fast. When bottle packaging plant SC Johnson were approached by an overseas client to fill and package two new product lines, they were confident that their current production process – with line speeds of up to 150 bottles per minute – could meet the client’s demand. Incorporating vision system technology into their existing operation, however, was the added competitive edge SC Johnson were looking for to satisfy the most stringent of quality controls.
Original Juice a Golden Circle Company
Original Juice Co. found itself with a challenge when it came to achieving consistent results regarding the placement of a bottle cap onto a product bottle after the filling stage. It wanted every bottle cap that gets twisted onto all of their different product bottles to be screwed on fully, to be screwed on straight and not skewed, and also to ensure that the tamper-band is not broken on those particular products that require one.
Defence Science Technology Orginization (DSTO)
Researchers at “Defence Science and Technology Organisation” (DSTO) in Melbourne, Australia, needed to find a solution to a difficult control problem. The application involved the accurate alignment of a laser cutting system to fiducial marks on a metallic surface. Wear gauges are manufactured at the research facility using an AVIA laser cutting system.
Advanced vision system technology guarantees accuracy rate on high-speed bottling inspection line. An integrated vision system effectively eliminates all label and lid faults on the glass-jar products bottling inspection line for leading food manufacturer MasterFoods®.

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