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DVT pioneered the vision sensor - low cost and easy to use machine vision systems for inspection, quality control and code reading. DVT introduced the first smart camera in 1991 and continues to lead the industry today with the widest range of vision sensors available.

General-Purpose DVT Vision Sensors
DVT  515
Lowest cost, entry-level DVT vision sensor
DVT  535
Best price/performance DVT vision sensor
DVT  545
Real-time inspection at high speed
DVT  550
Highest speed, highest performance DVT vision sensor
DVT  554
High resolution (1280 x 1024) vision sensor detects microscopic flaws on high speed lines
DVT Color Vision Sensors  
DVT  535C
Low-cost entry-level color vision sensor
DVT  545C
High speed color vision sensor for fast color labeling applications running at 1500ppm or faster
DVT  554C
High resolution (1280 x 1024) and high speed vision sensor, great for precise color monitoring
ID Readers  
  • Only dedicated ID reader capable of reading 1D bar codes and 2D Data Matrix codes and reading and verifying OCR strings
  • Easily set up mark quality assessment to ensure codes are readable to industry standards
  • Built in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
  • High speed reading at 300ppm for OCR and up to 2000ppm on 1D bar codes
  • Now includes a suite of position tools for tracking OCR codes
Line Scan  


  • The high resolution 2k by 8k imager creates a 17MB image perfect for general inspection, defect detection, gauging, or OCR/OCV
  • Reduces the number of sensors required to check round objects
  • Capable of super high resolution images for gauging and label inspection
  • Continuous mode allows inspection of very long parts and spooled products
  • New non-linear calibration removes lens distortion and increases accuracy for gauging applications

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