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Cohu, Inc., Electronics Division manufactures Advanced video solutions for Surveillance, Imaging and Traffic Management.

Cohu specializes in the practical application of advanced closed-circuit television technology for surveillance and process monitoring and is frequently cited as a "CCTV Solutions Provider." From board-level electronic design to integrated systems engineering, Cohu delivers high performance solutions to governments, industry, medicine, science, education, and many others.

Cohu products are specified for serious CCTV surveillance and access control applications. Cohu camera systems are installed worldwide in applications ranging from aircraft in-flight safety and entertainment, surveillance systems for high-risk facilities, explosives detection, military targeting, border control, and hazardous material handling.

Professional CCTV Solutions for Security and Surveillance

Out with video coax! Cohu provides the many paths to upgrade your existing system to IP video and control, or to install a whole new IP-based system. And Cohu's versatile NetCAMS control software handles it all.

Cohu's advanced i -series Cameras
An end-to-end high performance video solution of dome and traditional cameras, system controllers, a/d products, and cables

Cameras for Ethernet/IP Transmission
Cohu's mpeg compression cameras are designed for high performance video with maximum bandwidth utilization

Let There Be Light - Or Low Light, Or No Light at All
Look to Cohu for a full complement of low light level cameras. Day/night cameras automatically switch from color to high-sensitivity monochrome. Dual-gain cameras reach near Gen-1 quality video at a fraction of the price. There's even a choice of thermal imaging cameras where radiated energy is all you have to work with. And where there's no energy at all, the new 6960 series (at right) can couple a high-sensitivity camera with an infrared illuminator on a single high-speed positioner.

Cohu i-dome

Cohu 6960 series
Thermal Camera and Second Option
on Integrated Positioner

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