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Illuminating Solutions for Microscopy and Machine Vision Applications

Dolan Jenner Industries has been manufacturing Fiber-Lite fiber optic illumination systems for microscopy imaging and machine vision applications since 1962. Dolan Jenner designs, engineers, and manufactures their own fiber optic, offering users unsurpassed quality, knowledge, and technical assistance for many types of lighting applications, including custom applications. The products are used in such diverse industries as packaging, materials handling, automotive, printing, food, metals, and semiconductor for the research, laboratory, industrial, medical, and pharmaceutical markets.

Dolan-Jenner's fiber optic quartz halogen illuminators are designed to be durable and cost effective fiber optic light sources well suited for most machine vision, industrial, and biomedical lighting application. These illuminators come in a variety of models with different options, including color filtering capability and manual iris intensity control. These illuminators are compatible with all of Dolan-Jenner's standard and custom fiber optic light guides.
Fiber-Lite DC950
150 Watt, Machine Vision Fiber Optic Illuminator

The Fiber-Lite DC950 is a cost effective 150 watt quartz halogen light source designed specifically for machine vision lighting. The DC950 features a DC-regulated output, which is stabilized to +/- 0.5 %. Precise regulation is essential for machine vision applications, where variation in input line voltages would otherwise effect the system. The DC950 maintains a compact size, while offering features such as a linear remote intensity control option, Universal AC Input Power, and color filtering capability. The nosepiece is compatible with all Dolan Jenner standard fiber optic configurations.

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