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EPIX, Inc. designs and manufactures computer hardware, software, and printed circuit boards to convert, manipulate, and store images and graphics. Products include frame grabbers, cameras, image acquisition and processing software, camera kits, and video to disk computer systems for machine vision, medical imaging, and high speed video analysis applications. EPIX® imaging products are compatible with "common" video formats such as NTSC, S-Video, or PAL, as well as non-standard formats including line scan cameras, high resolution or high frame-rate area scan cameras, and medical imaging equipment. Off-the-shelf, ready-to-run, interactive programs offer end-users immediate and convenient imaging tools.

EPIX, Inc. provides superior customer support from the initial purchase decision through image analysis, creating custom cameras, frame grabbers and software for your aplication. Customization services provide added functionality, or a different "look and feel", for EPIX® imaging hardware, software, graphics, and documentation. EPIX, Inc. supplies complete, customized, systems for machine vision, motion analysis, storage and transmission, and other imaging or video applications. Systems may include camera or scanner, lighting, imaging board, computer, display, and software - integrating components from multiple companies along with EPIX® imaging products. The PIXCI® series imaging boards support over 650 different camera models from 50 manufacturers.

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