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Spectrum Illumination is the pioneer of high output LED's in the machine vision industry. The company designs, manufactures and markets an award-winning line of products that apply the benefits of high output LED's for use in machine vision applications. Its flagship line of LED Illumination, called Monster Lights®, leverage a patented constant current driver with high speed strobe to control high flux, high current LED's. Spectrum Illumination leads the industry in high output solid-state lighting innovation, including the custom engineered LDM driver. Products include 1 inch through 5 inch Spot Lights, Linear Lights up to 57.5 inches in length, Large Backlights, Ring Lights, Large Area Array Lights, Wash Down Lights and Specialty or OEM Lights as well as many common lights used in the vision industry.

SI has designed their LED lighting for the industrial machine environment. All lights have the option to be in a constant-on state or strobed using a constant power connection and a low-current input for activation. This allows the lights to be turned on/off by industrial equipment such as a PLC's or PC control. All lights are powered by industrial standard 24VDC. The lights have a standard industrial connector. the same connector used on photo eyes and standard proximity sensors. This allows your lighting to be effortlessly integrated into the field wiring of your facility.

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