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Southern Vision Systems, Inc is a manufacturer of high speed cameras for slow-motion digital video analysis. The SVSi cameras reduce even the highest speed processes to slow-motion video that can be analyzed frame-by- frame through a combination of high resolution, long record times, and fast frame-rates. The low cost, portable, easy-to-use camera systems feature SVSi's proprietary image-cued triggering capability. All systems come with software for recording and play-back of digital video. SVSi also offer the MemView and StreamView LR range as a lower cost alternative with 640x480 (VGA) resolution.

Golf Swing Analysis:
The new SVSi StreamView LR High-Speed camera is perfectly suited for Sports Motion Analysis utilizing extreme slow motion. The StreamView LR can record an incredible 640x480 video at 200 frames/sec for up to 6 seconds. This allows golf instructors to capture and view swings with greater detail and provides superior visual feedback than traditional camcorders. The camera's high frame rate provides instructors with a much improved video recording of their students' swings, magnifying details of the swing that other camcorders don't capture.

Visit the SVSi Image Gallery for samples of high-speed image capture using SVSi's innovative technology videos:

High speed camera with TCP/IP gigabit ethernet interface.
Burst 1280x1024 @532-fps to on-board memory or stream for hours to disk array.

Low-cost portable high speed camera with USB-2 interface and on-board memory.

Continuously stream 640x480 images at 250-fps to disk array for hours on end or stream to host RAM for several seconds.

Image-based high-speed triggering device.

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